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We are full-service design agency offers in depth branding services. We love to help you.

Looking for a total brand-marketing solution? We can help


This is full package for new enterprises including logo design, stationary identity system and website development for E-commerce as well. It's included logo, stationary and website design & development. Download


Corporate Identity Package is a comprehensive solution to help businesses create a brand identity system synchronization and consistency to help promote the brand image at every touch point. Download


Corporate Branding Package is a compre-hensive solution of building and improv-ing business's branding. With CB, Sao Kim professors will go together with business from consulting, building branding strategy, slogan creating, branding identity designing to branding communication solutions. Download


DMP (Digital Marketing Package) is branding communication solution from Sao Kim through digital tools and internet. This package leads to and money savings for business. DMP is suitable for almost all busi-ness on modern society. Download


Product Launching is brand building solution for new product. This pack-age helps your business in publishing your new product to the targeted market actively and quickly while all brand image creations and media plan for your products are always ready. Download


Project branding is new branding package, which is specially designed for new project. This package helps investors in brand positioning for projects, from creating vivid and impressive brand character-istics (brand name, logo, brand iden-tity) to building e¬ective media plan for projects. Download


Corporate Communication Package is a solution of spreading business image in order to state out the identity character-istics, building positive brand image in customer mind, impulse the business to new level. Download


Brandcare package will go with your busi-ness from beginning as a mate. With this package, all methods from branding strategy, slogan and naming, Image Design, programming management, ad-vertisement printing, event, media, to packaging…etc are cared by us. Download

More than 800 reliable clients in most field of business in our client list. So you can see them appears every where!

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About Us

Sao Kim provides professional creative service in Vietnam. We help our clients build a consistent brand image through a full service from the brand name, logo, slogan, brand identity system to brand communication plan as well as brand management… Download our company profile.

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